Introducing Our Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-In-1 Goodness Recipes

Introducing Our Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-In-1 Goodness Recipes

Introducing Our Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-In-1 Goodness Recipes

Perhaps you’ve heard about freeze-dried raw food, but maybe you’re not sure why it’s such a big deal. Conventional cooking can reduce the bioavailability of amino acids, denatures peptides, alters flavors and aromas, and decomposes vitamins and fatty acids. Freeze-dried meat, on the other hand, retains its vitamin, mineral and fat content.

What’s more, freeze-dried foods keep without preservatives, additives or chemicals and often last longer on the shelf since freeze-drying decreases oxidation — which is what causes foods to go off.

Always looking for new ways to provide our animal friends with Canidae® goodness, we set to work creating safe, simple and delicious freeze-dried recipes that your pet will soon be salivating over.

Pure & Simple Ingredients

Our PURE line, for both dogs and cats, provides clean, limited-ingredient recipes with premium proteins. That’s why we’re welcoming Freeze-Dried Raw 3-in-1 Goodness to the PURE family: it’s packed full of premium proteins and always has three or fewer key ingredients.

Thanks to the awesome concept of freeze-drying, Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-in-1 Goodness is safe and minimally processed, meaning you’ll get more of the original nutrients that sometimes get lost when meat is cooked.

Three Delicious Recipes

Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-in-1 Goodness comes in three mouth-wateringly good treat/topper recipes. If your dog is hounding you for something tasty and nutritious, treat her to one of these.

Pure Freeze Dried Pet Food

Beef Liver

Liver little or liver lot? We chose the latter. This game-changer is Canidae’s first ever one-ingredient recipe: 100% beef liver — that’s it. That also means that just like with the rest of Canidae’s recipes, there are no fillers or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Pure Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver is safe and minimally processed to maximize nutrition and flavor. Head over to Petco to pick up a bag today.

Chicken & Brown Rice

This classic protein and carb combo contains just the two key ingredients mentioned in its name. We use sustainably raised, transparently sourced chicken to make sure these delicious bites have a positive impact on both your dog and the planet.

Pure Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken & Brown Rice is safe and packed with maximum nutrition and flavor thanks to the minimal processing it goes through. Order a bag today from the good folks at Petco.

Beef, Barley & Quinoa

Made with premium cuts of beef, barley and super-grain quinoa, this recipe is sure to leave your pooch feeling like a million dollars. Keeping things simple with just these three key ingredients, there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to worry about here.

Pure Freeze-Dried Raw Beef, Barley & Quinoa is safe and goes through minimal processing, meaning your pooch benefits from added nutrition and flavor. Pick up a bag today from Petco.

And if your feline friend feels like a treat, we’ve also launched Pure Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver for cats! Once again, this delicious recipe only contains one ingredient, 100% beef liver. It’s not just safe, but also delicious thanks to the freeze-drying process resulting in maximized nutrition and flavor. Your cat will be purring for Pure for days to come!

3-in-1 Goodness

Our Pure Freeze-Dried Raw recipes are designed for supplemental feeding and shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories. Perfect for the fussy eaters out there, we’ve got flexible food that can be used in three different ways.

1. Mix in With Kibble

You can mix some of these delicious cubes with your pet’s favorite Canidae kibble. Just crumble, add a little water and mix. A small amount of Pure Freeze-Dried Raw food will go a long way — adding delicious flavors and aromas to your furry friend’s normal meal.

2. Use as a Topper

While some animals get a reputation for being simple creatures, as proud cat and dog parents we often feel the need to talk about the complexity of their characters. Now you can reflect the layers of your pet’s personality with layers in their food bowl: Use Pure Freeze-Dried Raw as a topper to their kibble and watch as they wolf down all that extra protein and crunch.

3. Give as a Treat

Whether you’re training your pet or just want to spoil them every now and again, it’s always a good idea to have some high-value treats up your sleeve — especially when just a sniff of these delicious recipes will have your good boy or girl wagging their tail in anticipation. Use Pure Freeze-Dried Raw as a treat they’ll love and you’ll feel good about giving!


We’re on a mission to create a world of sustainable goodness for pets, their people and the planet. That’s why, in an effort to reduce our carbon pawprint, all Pure Freeze-Dried Raw 3-in-1 Goodness recipes come in sustainable packaging. These bags are 100% recyclable and are made with recycled materials.

We know that transporting pet food has a big impact on the environment, so we make all of these recipes here in the USA, using the world’s finest ingredients.

The chicken we use for our Chicken & Brown Rice recipe is GAP certified, meaning it’s sustainably raised and transparently sourced.

We’re delighted to be launching these incredible new recipes, and we couldn’t be prouder to be doing so with Petco as a partner. That’s right, Canidae’s first ever Freeze-Dried Raw recipes are exclusively available at Petco.

Discuss transitioning your dog to Canidae’s delicious recipes today!