Canidae Pet Food — We want to make pet food better for pets and the planet.

For 25 years we’ve been on a mission to do better. Better for pets and better for us all. From the ingredients we source to the people we choose to partner with, we’re working to create a world of sustainable goodness for pets and our planet.

We work hard to nurture the health of your pet with wholesome, premium ingredients and recipes crafted for whole body health. And we nurture the health of our planet through our investment in regenerative agriculture, planet-friendly packaging and sustainable operations. Everything we do results in a better product.

A bowl full of good.


Sustainable Transport

Begin using rail to lower carbon emissions.

Regenerative Agriculture

Begin sourcing regeneratively farmed grains and vegetables for all Canidae dog food and cat food.

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Green Technology

Partner with Greenfield Robotics who use technology to scale regenerative farming practices.


Responsibly Sourced Proteins

Introduce sustainable and ethical proteins into our recipes, like cage-free chicken and sustainably sourced Alaskan Salmon.

PCR Packaging

Launch sustainable kibble line with packaging made with 40% post-consumer-recycled materials.

Expand Sustainable Product Lineup

Aggressively expand portfolio to bring sustainable proteins and packaging to more products.


Kibble Refill Station

Launch the first ever sustainable bulk-buy pet food machine, reducing waste with eco-friendly reusable food safe bags.


Regenerative Farming

We aim to have 50% of our plant ingredients sourced from regeneratively farmed crops by 2023.

Single Use Plastics

We are committing to reduce single use plastics by 80% in the next 8 years and began working to bring PCR materials across all products.


We are committing to use proteins that are Sustainable & Humanely Raised when possible and exploring alternative proteins.

A balanced choice for every pet

Canidae is proud to offer a nutritious meal for all. Our extensive range includes grain-free foods for pets on a grain-free diet, with grain foods, high protein for active dogs, food for seniors, large, small and petite breeds, plus our best-selling food that’s perfect for the whole family — Canidae All Life Stages

Good for pets and for the planet

Goodness for pets

More Nutrients per Cup

Ultra-nutritionally-dense and high-protein recipes with grain and grain-free options and more nutrients and protein per cup than leading brands. Whether you’re looking for wet cat food, dry cat food, with grain or grain-free dog food, Canidae has the right choice for your pet.

Made In Texas

We're proud to say we make our dry dog food and cat food in our own, state-of-the-art pet nutrition plant in Texas. Keeping things local helps us to support our community and maintain a low carbon footprint.

HealthPlus Solutions

Our kibble contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, antioxidants, Omega 3/6 fatty acids and probiotics to support whole body health for small and large breeds alike. Real food packed full of delicious ingredients (including premium proteins and carbohydrates like real salmon and sweet potato), so you know your pet is getting exactly the nutrients they need.

Goodness for our planet

Regenerative Agriculture

Leveraging 50% of available regeneratively farmed crops, nourishing the planet and your pets.

Sustainable Ingredients

Our natural dog food and cat food leverages sustainable and ethically sourced proteins, not only across our entire Sustain line but in many other products too, with grain-free dog food and cat food choices available.

Sustainable Packaging

We are bringing in the use of recycled materials across our pre-packaged products and launching the Kibble Refill Station.

Our Partners

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