PURE Dry PUPPY Food: Grain Free, Chicken, Lentil and Whole Egg Recipe

This Pure Puppy formula features clean recipes, premium proteins and healthy fats to fuel your pet's health. Know exactly what you feed your puppy in each bowl with just 10 key ingredients or fewer in every recipe. Nurture their growing body with antibiotic-free chicken, an excellent lean protein source, with essential amino acids for a healthy immune system.

  • Grain-free puppy food, great for puppies on a limited ingredient diet
  • Clean recipes featuring ingredients you recognize
  • Formulated without corn, wheat, soy or animal byproduct meals
  • #1 ingredient is always real meat, poultry or fish
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More Goodness in Every Bite

High Quality Ingredients
We use wholesome, regeneratively farmed ingredients, hearty grains and premium proteins.
All Goodness
No Fillers
Canidae recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, soy and no animal byproduct meals.
Compete & Balanced Nutrition
Our thoughtfully curated recipes are perfectly balanced with whole body health in mind.
Expert Formulated
Our recipes are formulated with a team of pet experts including a board-certified vet nutritionist to meet and exceed AAFCO standards.

More About PURE

  • These grain free dog foods are just what the vet ordered for dogs at different life stages and of all breed sizes
  • Tailored to meet nutritional requirements for all breed sizes – whether you’re seeking large breed puppy food or small breed puppy food
  • Feed your puppy Pure to ensure plenty of vitamins and minerals for growth and development
  • Our puppy formulas are based on real meat as the #1 ingredient — ideal for dogs on grain and grain free diets
  • Our full Pure range has recipes from sweet potato to brown rice to deboned chicken, including adult dog food options. Discover them here

PURE Dry PUPPY Food: Grain Free, Chicken, Lentil and Whole Egg Recipe

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  • Courtney

    Verified Buyer

    My sister's puppy LOVES this food

    13th Jul 2022

    She literally pants and jumps when she sees her bowl of food.

Transition to Canidae in 10 days

Transition Days 1 through 3


Days 1-3

75% old pet food & 25% Canidae

Transition Days 4 through 6


Days 4-6

50% old pet food & 50% Canidae

Transition Days 7 through 9


Days 7-9

25% old pet food & 75% Canidae

Transition Day 10


Day 10

100% Canidae