PURE 2-in-1 Goodness Pate- Real Salmon & Sweet Potatoes in Bone Broth

Nourish your dog with Canidae's wholesome pâtés. Features clean & premium & sustainable ingredients like wild-caught salmon and big cuts of sweet potato. Serve as a complete meal or add to kibble to support your dog's health and happiness from the inside out. Perfect for a dog of any life stage. Limited ingredient with just 6 key ingredients in each recipe. Plus, it’s cooked in bone broth for a taste your dog will love!
  • 1 – 11.5-ounce Tetra-pak carton of Canidae Canidae Pure 2-in-1 Goodness Pâté. This eco-friendly carton is easy to open, reclosable and 100% recyclable.
  • Made in the USA with thAll goodness and no fillers. Made with real animal protein and wholesome ingredients – contains no animal by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, or carrageenan making it a good solution for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. No peas, potatoes, or legumes.e world’s best ingredients from trusted domestic and global sources. Our wild-caught Alaskan Salmon is sourced from fisheries that maintain sustainable salmon populations and minimize the impact to their habitats.
  • Cooked with wild-caught Alaskan Salmon. Salmon is a highly digestible protein source, rich in omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.
  • Expert formulated, Canidae’s Pure 2-in-1 Goodness Pâté can be a complete meal or used as a snack or topper all dogs young and mature will love.
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More Goodness in Every Bite

Goodness-first ingredients
We use wholesome ingredients like farm grown veggies, hearty grains and premium proteins.
All Goodness
No Fillers
Canidae recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, soy and no animal byproduct meals.
Complete & Balanced Goodness
Our thoughtfully curated recipes are perfectly balanced with whole body health in mind.
Expert formulated
Our recipes are formulated with a team of pet experts including a board-certified vet nutritionist to meet and exceed AAFCO standards.

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PURE 2-in-1 Goodness Pate- Real Salmon & Sweet Potatoes in Bone Broth

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