Goodness Dry Dog Food: Real Salmon & Brown Rice

Canidae’s signature dog food line aims to bring out the best in your pet with recipes made from premium ingredients, formulated for whole body health. Like all products in the range, our salmon dry dog food contains no fillers, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives, just complete & balanced nutrition, supported by probiotics, antioxidants and Omega 6&3. Canidae contains wholesome grains like barley, oatmeal and brown rice, and the number one ingredient is always real meat or fish. 

  • Probiotics, antioxidants and Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids
  • All goodness, no fillers: formulated without wheat, corn, soy or animal byproduct meals
  • Healthy immune system supported by antioxidants
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More Goodness in Every Bite

High Quality Ingredients
We use wholesome, regeneratively farmed ingredients, hearty grains and premium proteins.
All Goodness
No Fillers
Canidae recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, soy and no animal byproduct meals.
Compete & Balanced Nutrition
Our thoughtfully curated recipes are perfectly balanced with whole body health in mind.
Expert Formulated
Our recipes are formulated with a team of pet experts including a board-certified vet nutritionist to meet and exceed AAFCO standards.

Nothing But Goodness in Every Bowl

  • Our signature range of the finest foods for pet owners who think we should approach pet and human food with the same care
  • With all ingredients listed, you can be sure Goodness is the one of the healthiest dog food options out there
  • Our full selection of wet dog food and dry pet food for dogs includes options for dogs at all life stages plus those on grain free diets.
  • Dog owners looking to learn more about all natural pet food options can find plenty of information on our blog
  • Don’t forget to talk to your vet before changing what you feed your dog in order to ensure a safe transition and meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

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Goodness Dry Dog Food: Real Salmon & Brown Rice

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Days 1-3

75% old pet food & 25% Canidae

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