New Look: What’s Good on the Inside is Good on the Outside!

New Look: What’s Good on the Inside is Good on the Outside!

  We’re thrilled to be sharing our new packaging design  – coming soon to a real or virtual pet food retailer near you! Canidae has always been good on the inside – premium pet food thoughtfully designed to nourish your pet nose to tail – and we thought it’s high time our packaging better reflected the premium quality of our food.   

Why did we choose to update our packaging? 

Our nutrient-rich food is made with premium ingredients and designed with whole-body health in mind. We wanted the outside of our bags to be as good as what is inside the bag.   The colorful, beautifully designed packaging better reflects our food and values, but what’s more, we know how busy life can be and we spent a lot of time thinking about making it easier and simpler for you to shop for Canidae.   

So, what’s different about the packaging? 

Overall, the new packaging was designed to make it easier for you to find your favorite brand and formula. When you see the Canidae orange arch, you know you are getting quality, premium pet food. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, a dog with a sensitive stomach, or a house full of lots of dogs, you’ll easily find the right formula and recipe.   Our new design is clearer, cleaner and easier to navigate – helping you to see at a glance which products are suitable for your pet’s needs, assess our quality ingredients and understand your dog or cat’s portion size. Do let us know if you agree!  

Which Canidae products will carry the new look? 

Our new look will be rolled out in phases – and we’ll kick off with the first phase in September 2021. You may wonder why we haven’t changed the packaging of all our recipes in one go. Well, designing all this goodness takes time and patience! Look out for these new-look products on retail shelves and in online stores from September 2021. Most stores should have new packaging for the following three products on their shelves by early 2022, but if you still see our current packs on shelves, don’t worry, you’re still getting the goodness of Canidae – just in a different bag!    
  • Canidae Goodness Dog
  • Canidae All-Life-Stages Dog
  • Canidae Pure Dog
The next phase will entail a refresh of the following products in 2022: 
  • Canidae Sustain Dog Canidae Goodness Cat
  • Canidae Pure Cat
  • Canidae CA
  • Canidae Petite 

Did our recipes change too? 

A few formulas were adjusted in translation in order to optimize quality and nutrition – as our Research and Development team is always looking at new formulas to continually improve them. The formulas are always tested to ensure it meets our quality standards and these changes are minor.   

Does the new look reflect a change in quality or manufacturing process? 

Nope. Nothing has changed. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Most of our products are manufactured at our pet nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas, where safety and integrity always come first. By having our own plant, we are much better able to control the formulas, quality and nutrition of our food, which makes us different from many of our competitors.  

How to find your pet’s favorite recipe now

Check out these carousels displaying our new packaging designs for every recipe in the Pure, All-Life-Stages and Canidae Goodness lines to find the new look for your pet’s favorite recipe.  We’ll keep updating the page with the new designs expected to be released in 2022.   

Can I still buy my Canidae products in the same place? 

Sure. Whether you’re buying us online, at your favorite farm and feed store or at your neighborhood pet shop, we’ll still be there.  Let us know what you think of our new designs – we hope you love them as much as we do! Discuss transitioning your dog to Canidae’s delicious recipes today!