7 Ways Canidae Is Making Pet Food Better for People and the Planet

7 Ways Canidae Is Making Pet Food Better for People and the Planet

Canidae is on a mission to change pet food for good. We don’t just invest in pet wellness, we also prioritize the wellness of our planet, with earth-friendly products and a commitment to reduce our environmental impact. Here are 7 ways we are making waves in the pet food space. 


#1 Helping the environment is in the bag 

Our packaging is about more than dog food. Our Sustain packaging is made from 40% post-consumer recycled material - the most in the entire pet food industry.   


#2 Refills that are ready for the planet 

Over 300 million pounds of plastic pet food bags make their way into landfills every year. But no worries -  Canidae is making a dent in that number with our one-of-a-kind Kibble Refill Station - a bulk kibble system with an eco-friendly refillable bag coming to life at 100 Petco Stores across the country this year.  


#3 Regenerative Agriculture is in their DNA 

Canidae works with nature by partnering with local US farmers who use cutting-edge technology in robotics, water usage, and weed management. Regenerative Agriculture protects the soil, reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides, increases the capture of carbons, reduces water runoff, and improves the nutrient density of the food we grow. Canidae leverages more regeneratively farmed ingredients in their recipes than any other pet food brand on the market today.  To sum it all up, we’re in the better pet food and better planet business.   


#4 Better for mother earth 

Canidae’s kibble is also proudly made in the USA, using ingredients that are primarily US sourced.  Reducing transit - which in turn reduces our carbon footprint. It’s better food for the greater good.    


#5 Farmed for the greater good 

Our ingredients come directly from farmers via rail - cutting carbon emissions in the process, and making you feel better about what goes into your dog’s bowl.  


#6 Sustainability sourced Ingredients that will have tails a-wagging 

Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon from eco-conscious sustainable fisheries, cage-free chicken from a stress-free environment, and plant-based brewer’s yeast are all featured in our new line, Canidae Sustain, making for delicious, healthier, and more environmentally friendly kibble for your best friend.   

#7 “One” thing that’s really important to us 

Both our Wild Alaskan Salmon and our Cage-Free Chicken are the 1st ingredient in our Sustain Formulas and other formulas, including our entire line, feature premium recipes with regeneratively farmed ingredients and premium proteins like bison, duck and lamb. Nutrient-rich food for you and your dog to be happy about.   

If you’re interested in a pet brand that’s good for your pet and the planet be sure to look Canidae for your pet. They may like our Sustain formula with its responsibly sourced protein and vet-formulated, plant based options, our Pure line with limited ingredients and premium recipes, or our All-Life-Stages products, specifically vet formulated for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes, making it great for multi-dog families.