What’s Good on the Inside
is Good on the Outside

Canidae has always been good on the inside. Premium pet food thoughtfully designed to nourish your pet nose to tail. So why the new packaging? We
thought it was time for our packaging to better reflect our food: Wholesome,
High-Quality and packed Full of Goodness.

Explore our new packaging and find your pack.

Product Image Product Image Product Image


(formerly CANIDAE)


Limited Ingredient Diet Breed image
1st Ingredient is Real Meat / Fish / Poultry Breed image Breed image
Vet Formulated for All Ages, Breeds, Sizes Breed image
Large Breed Formula Breed image Breed image
Senior Formula Senior image Senior image
Puppy Formula Puppy image Puppy image Puppy image
No Corn / Wheat / Soy No_Corn image No_Corn image No_Corn image
No Artificial Colors / Flavors / Preservatives Artificial image Artificial image Artificial image
Expert Formulated Expert image Expert image Expert image
HealthPlus® Solutions HealthPlus image HealthPlus image HealthPlus image

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(New packaging coming in 2022)

Canidae Sustain

Premium, sustainably sourced proteins and 40% post-consumer-recycled packaging, goodness for pets & planet

Canidae CA

Optimum protein tailored for dogs’ varrying activity levels

Canidae Petite

Raw coated goodness uniquely crafted for petite dogs’ needs


We’ve always been good on the inside . . . nutrient-rich pet food made with premium ingredients designed with whole body health in mind.  We felt it was time for the outside of our bags to better reflect the goodness inside of the bag. We hope you like our new look! We think it reflects who we’ve always been – wholesome, joyful, nourishing and packed full of the good stuff your pet needs to thrive.

In addition to showcasing our new look, we spent a lot of thinking about how we could make it easier and simpler for you to shop for Canidae. We think this new packaging is cleaner, clearer and easier to navigate – we hope you agree!

Designing all this goodness takes time! We’re proud to be rolling out new packaging across our Pure Dog, All-Life-Stages Dog and Goodness Dog lines this fall.  Keep on the lookout for a refresh across our Cat Goodness, Cat Pure and Sustain lines in 2022 along with revamped packaging for Canidae-CA, Canidae Petite and many of our wet food products.

New packaging will begin hitting shelves in September 2021 and slowly roll-out into stores through the rest of the year. Most stores should have new packaging on their shelves by early 2022, but if you still see our current packs on shelf, don’t worry, you’re still getting the goodness of Canidae, just in a different bag.

Some select formulas were changed during this transition in order to optimize quality and nutrition. Our Research and Development Team is always reviewing our formulas to continually improve them. We undergo vigorous nutrient  testing and quality evaluation any time we make a formula change to ensure that it meets our high standards. The changes to these formulas are minor, and do not impact on the overall benefits of the products. However, if you have any questions about how these changes may affect your pet, we encourage you to consult with your vet. All formula changes are made with our company ideals in mind: to provide your pets with the best possible nutrition and goodness.

No, our commitment to quality remains unwavering as does the integrity of our R&D and manufacturing processes, most of which takes place at our pet nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas where we proudly put safety and integrity first.  Having our own plant versus relying solely on a co-manufacturer like many of our competitors enables us to have control over the formulas, quality and nutrition of our food, constantly trying to one-up ourselves in order to give you and your pet the absolute best.

Please use the carousels above to browse the new packaging design for every recipe within our Pure, All-Life-Stages and Canidae Goodness lines and find your recipe.  And keep on the lookout for new packaging across our Petite, CA, Cat Pure lines and many of our wet food products in 2022.

Nope! Whether you bought us online, at your favorite farm and feed store or at your neighborhood pet shop, if you got us there yesterday, we’ll be there tomorrow.