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We are pet people. We believe what’s good for our pets is good for us all. From our commitment to sustainability to the quality of our ingredients, good pet food is what we do. That’s why for the last 25 years the team at Canidae has been working together every day to deliver Goodness to pets, people and our planet. And we’re always looking for new people to join us in pursuing that mission.

Canidae Goodness

Canidae Goodness comes through not just in the quality of our ingredients and formulas, but also in the dedicated employees we hire. The talented teams at our plant in Brownwood, Texas, our headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, and our national sales force across the country work together every day to bring health, happiness and connection to pets and their people. Joining Canidae means joining a team on a mission to bring out the best in pets, people and our planet every day.

The Canidae Crew

We are a team-focused, performance driven organization comprised of diverse, passionate and committed people. We don’t just call ourselves The Canidae Crew because alliteration is catchy. The crew boat inspires the way we do business, together. On a crew boat, there’s no motor or sail to propel you forward – it all comes down to the team. Everyone on the boat plays a unique and pivotal role. And it only works when we’re working together, in sync. While we all pride ourselves on being passionate, self-driven achievers, we value collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect.

When you walk into our headquarters in Stamford, CT you’re welcomed by a sign that reads #FURTHERTOGETHER. This company mantra is inspired by our shared belief that we’re stronger, better and happier when we lead with the team in mind.

Our Core Values:


Lead with trust and without ego. When we submit to the role of student and see our team as a group of teachers, that mutual respect enables a shared pursuit of collective success.


We know that the more diverse our perspectives, the stronger our team. We work hard to foster a collaborative environment that enables and empowers all voices to be heard and all crew members to make an impact, regardless of background, experience, age, race, creed or orientation.


We value people who are individually and collectively motivated by tough challenges and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence (to create a food full of goodness, sustain our planet, and contribute to our employee-focused culture).


We are all in this journey together and to achieve success we must be willing to work hard and be collaborative to remain in sync, consistently living a #OneTeam mindset.


We possess an insatiable thirst for excellence by overcoming challenges, learning from our mistakes, and ultimately winning together with a performance and continuous improvement approach to our business.


We value diverse perspectives and backgrounds as it creates a stronger team able to deliver superior results. We believe that a collaborative environment empowers all voices, and unlocks our full potential as a team, brand, and business.

Have Fun

Join the Canidae Crew


Doing Good

Canidae’s COVID Response

In early 2020 we put together the Canidae COVID-19 Task Force, comprised of business leaders representing all facets of the organization, who met to daily to identify strategies to help support employees, mitigate business risk, and ensure ongoing company communications were in place to keep employees connected and informed.

On March 13, 2020 our Corporate headquarters moved from a traditional office to a home office environment, meaning a kitchen table, a bedroom, a living room, a floor or a couch, for what most thought to be home base for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months. Weeks turned into months, months into nearly a year. Now faced with meeting the business needs and the needs of our employees even more, Canidae has activated a multi-faceted approach, with a test and learn philosophy, to ensure employee health, safety and well-being were always top of mind and the number one business priority.

Our corporate headquarters based in Stamford, CT immediately pivoted from an in person culture to working from home leveraging technology at every turn from laptops to a newly introduced Microsoft Teams platform, while simultaneously our manufacturing environment remained fully operational and required PPE, social distancing protocols and alignment with CDC guidelines. Field sales was halted, no longer able to travel and visit customers for a period of time with return to in-person selling based on the needs of the customer and employee, with safety leading all decisions.

To demonstrate support to employees and recognizing that COVID was here to stay, we enlisted help from our employees through surveys and focus groups to identify new and creative ways to build an engaged and inclusive work environment when over two thirds of our organization remains working in a remote capacity. Support and engagement came in many forms and continues to evolve through present day, ranging from early needs of identifying multiple sources of hand sanitizer, wipes and masks for manufacturing and field sales employees to the introduction of new benefits offerings and engagement programs to support the mental health and well being of all of our employees.


  • PPE for manufacturing and field sales
  • Fully paid FFCRA Sick Leave, extended through deadline requirements
  • Remote learning opportunities and programs through LinkedIn
  • Swag give-a-ways
  • Daily self-attestation
  • COVID testing


  • Monthly Town Halls and CEO communications
  • Employee Surveys and Focus Groups
  • Weekly virtual “coffee hours” hosted by CEO and HR
  • Who’s Who of Canidae Directory
  • Virtual HR Office Hours
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly health and wellness communications

Focus on Mental Health

  • Resilience and Beating Burnout Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Kindness Campaign
  • Enneagram Coach

Development of Engagement Groups
(Affinity Groups)

  • Cultural Cooking with Canidae Colleagues (and Kids)
  • Employee Health and Well Being
  • Working Parents
While COVID continues to have an impact on our ability to work side by side, across the table, or in the same conference room with one another, it has provided us with the opportunity to think creatively and learn new ways of creating engagement, building an inclusive culture, supporting our employees and driving the business forward, making many of the programs developed during the pandemic mainstays in our culture moving forward.

Join the Canidae Crew